Scott J Simpson, a technology enthusiast and software developer, that has loved computer technology from a young age. Starting out building PC’s and loading operating systems. His passion for programming was ignited at college and he is still dreaming in code to this day. With the power of the internet, and immense determination, his belief is that there is very little that cannot be achieved.


Past programming

Before my commercial career started most of my free time was spent working on programs in Java and C#. These ranged from small utility applications to a reporting app that I tested in the real world. The mobile app was to aid my University senior resident role and designed with full relational database that would …

Raspberry pi

I have owned the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B since it was first released and it is a great invention. An affordable credit card sized computer that instills joy and excitement in the hearts of technology enthusiasts. Their mission to empower kids to use and learn the technology to create applications is something I feel …


I am interested in web development and software engineering. This website will be for technical posts and personal software projects.


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