Raspberry pi

I have owned the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B since it was first released and it is a great invention. An affordable credit card sized computer that instills joy and excitement in the hearts of technology enthusiasts. Their mission to empower kids to use and learn the technology to create applications is something I feel passionately about. We have a generation of consumers and not enough creators. Hopefully with the huge success of the rPi, this imbalance can be corrected through encouraging more creators to satisfy the economic demand for technical jobs.

As many flavors of Linux can be booted as you have SD cards. SD cards are very cheap and one SD card I use a lot has a media centre image (OSMC) loaded. I am able to stream and download videos. OSMC has the option to enable SSH during the first run, that is useful to retrieve downloaded videos from any device on the network.

I have yet to buy and try the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, which has on board Wireless and Bluetooth. In the future I have project ideas that I would like to apply to the rPi and look forward to posting the progress.

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