Past programming

Before my commercial career started most of my free time was spent working on programs in Java and C#. These ranged from small utility applications to a reporting app that I tested in the real world. The mobile app was to aid my University senior resident role and designed with full relational database that would automate a manual reporting task. The data was extracted along with captured signatures to SAP crystal reports, printed and presented fortnightly.
Demonstrating this mobile app to my first potential employer along with the resulting report helped me get back for a second interview and code review. Dynamic and data driven websites was another area I developed outside work. My first exposure was a third year college team project where it was my job to create an ASP.NET website with registration and authentication for a trading company. The website worked as expected and ensured the team received a high grade. In fact all software tasks that had a programming component I performed exceptionally well. Around a year ago, I explored ASP.NET and MVC, where I successfully created a recruitment website in the Azure cloud using Entity Framework Code-First, allowing Visual Studio to deploy a database automatically from the related models. I was following the official Microsoft video tutorial series and accompanying articles. In conclusion, the interest I have for developing solutions using the .NET Framework makes tasks easy and enjoyable.

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